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Bryan at Action Realty for all your Montgomery County Reality needs.  Talkative energetic business savvy realtor who is ready to help with all real estate needs.


Mountain Harbor Riding Stables: 10 minutes away.  Enjoy a scenic guided trail ride through the beautiful Quachita Mountains. Healthy well groomed horses and the cleanest stables you've ever seen await you.  Don't forget your camera.  Youngest to oldest, come as you are for a most memorable ride.


Shangri La:  10 minutes away.  Shangri La can take care of your hunger needs with their country cooking and fresh made pies.  Watch those pies fly off the shelf.  They will also take your cleaned catch of the day and turn it into a delicious meal.  Shangri La also sports a water front Marina for all your fishing, boating, and playing needs.  See Shangri La Marina for barge, boat, or motor rentals, boat stall, ice, live bait, gas, oil, tackle, licenses, and accessories.

Mountain Harbor: 15 minutes away. Mountain Harbor Restaurant is waiting to serve you.  A salad bar and other buffets await your family for a scrumptious classy meal.  Mountain Harbor also sports a water front Marina for all your fishing, boating, and playing needs.  See Mountain Harbor Marina for barge, boat, or motor rentals, house boat, water toy, boat stall, ice, live bait, gas, oil, tackle, licenses, and accessories


Mount Ida is named the  "Quartz Crystal Capital of the World" and there are many crystal mines for you and your family to dig for quartz crystals.  Information about the various mines, hours of operation and costs, and information about the local rock shops can be found on the Mount Ida Chamber of Commerce web site.


Mount Ida Chamber of Commerce web site shows you the personnel hometown businesses that are too many to mention.   As owners of Christinas Little Cabin we speak from experience:  There are no other towns in the world that compare to the family community atmosphere of our  Montgomery County towns.  We  are proud to recommend you to any local business in town.  They are family and will treat you as one of their own.  We cannot say enough about our community. 


Mount Ida also provides old town musical signing and playing on the square Saturday night at the Front Porch Stage.   The concerts are free and open to the public. Be sure to bring a lawn chair, sit and enjoy the music.  Additional information about the Front Porch Stage and scheduling information can be found on their web site, Front Porch Stage.


Great Arkansas hiking and mountain biking occur in the Ouachita Mountains.  Womble Trail, Gaston Mountain trailhead, Big Brushy trailhead, Ouachita trail, Little Missouri Falls, and many more experiences are available at the local trails.


Great Arkansas hunting and fishing occur in the Ouachita Mountains and Ouachita Lake and Rivers.  See local rule and regulations can be found at Arkansas Game and Fish.


Great Arkansas State Parks.  The adventure of a lifetime awaits you at the only public diamond mine in the world, Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas offers an experience of a lifetime:  the opportunity to hunt for real diamonds and to keep what you find.  Awaiting you at Crater of Diamonds  is over 37-acres of plowed field - the eroded surface of an ancient, gem-bearing volcanic pipe. The visitor center features exhibits and an audio/visual program that explains the area's geology and offers tips on recognizing diamonds in the rough.


Diamonds were first discovered on the site in 1906, since then over 75,000 diamonds have been retrieved.  The Park offers campsites, picnic sites, a summertime cafe, laundry, gift shop, hiking trails, educational programs and a water play area.

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Christina's Little Cabin, Mount Ida, Arkansas